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Links zu Chiropractic Informationen

The Advanced Chiropractic Neurology Site

Provides a good index of chiropractic literature for the public or professional use, along with a D.C. database and other interesting features.

Created by chiropractic patients so that potential patients can learn about chiropractic through informational articles and testimonials.

Contains over 7,000 articles about chiropractic and how it can help with certain ailments and conditions.

Koren Publications
Patient education materials. Much of the chiropractic information on this site has been provided by Tedd Koren. His patient education materials reflects the broad spectrum of chiropractic care. Yourpatients will love it and give it to their friends.

Planet Chiropractic
Helps chiropractors find the latest chiropractic news and events, has a use forum, advanced search features and fresh streaming audio.

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